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Microsoft SharePoint Server
Unlock the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint platform

What SharePoint Offers

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 allows you to efficiently connect your employees, processes and business information.

At SharePoint's core are its Platform Services, which serves as a single platform to provide consistent security, site management and topology. And Portals serve as the access point, providing a pathway to the capabilities SharePoint offers:  

  • Collaboration – Productivity is improved when your entire organization works together effectively, sharing a variety of information. SharePoint provides a way to author, review and approve documents and publish them into a centralized, cataloged repository.   
  • People and Personalization – Personalized portal content targeted to specific users or user groups improves the user experience and increases adoption rates. SharePoint provides personalized, customizable home pages, content targeting and the ability to find people within your organization.  
  • Enterprise Search – Your employees must be able to locate information quickly to do their jobs effectively. SharePoint provides an enterprise search engine that delivers highly relevant results regardless of the content’s type or physical location. 
  • Enterprise Content Management - Your users leverage a vast amount of information to work collaboratively, while protecting sensitive data. SharePoint's ECM features bring structure out of the chaos of information overload, by extending content management to every user through integration with familiar tools like Office. 
  • Business Processes and Forms – Electronic business forms improve the efficiency and accuracy of collecting data. SharePoint’s business forms solution enables information to be validated and easily integrated into backend systems.  
  • Business Intelligence – Your decision makers require access to, sharing and analysis of up-to-date information in order to make the best decisions possible. SharePoint improves the gathering and sharing of business intelligence through server-based Excel spreadsheets, data visualization, a report center, key performance indicators and dashboards. 

What We Offer

A SharePoint expert’s implementation experience is crucial to leveraging the available feature set in order to limit custom development, allowing you to achieve your goals more quickly.  

We provide end-to-end SharePoint solutions, including:

  • Information Architecture and Usability
  • Application Design and Implementation
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Deployment
  • Line of Business Application Integration (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Product Configuration and Implementation
  • Custom Components and Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Organizational Readiness and Training

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